Women, particularly young women and girls, are the most vulnerable and most affected by social and economic problems in South Asia. Vulnerable posture of youth at risk of marginalization include among others: young women and men with disabilities, indigenous youth, ethnic and cultural minority youth, youth affected by violence including gender based violence and by drug and substance abuse, child soldiers, refugees and migrants and young offenders. Overall, the rural percentage of the population is around 70 % in South Asia which is expected to change to 59% by the end of the century due to urban migration both in the past and the present. The impact in South Asia has been far more limited so far, where literacy rates are lower especially among women and where basic health and family planning services are less available.

According to World Youth Report 2005, It is estimated that almost 209 million young people, or 18 per cent of all youth, live on less than $1 a day, and 515 million young people, or nearly 45 per cent, live on less than $2 a day. South Asia has the largest number of youth living whose age 15-24, living in poverty in 2005, in millions less than $1/day 84.1, less than $2/day 206.1 and undernourished 57 below these two poverty lines,. Using a different indicator, these regions are also home to the largest concentrations of undernourished young people.

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