South Asian region undergoes rapid geo-strategic changes along with permanent geographic feature making the region a complex web of interlinked and conflicting power interests of regional and international power elites. It is one of the most volatile regions with three neighboring nuclear powers. Historically, the Civilization of South Asia shares a common historical legacy. The British colonial rulers have fragmented the society into different fault lines of ethnicity, religion, race, languages and disguise of nationalism based on religion. The partition of Indian subcontinent in 1947 had entailed the communal riots and, killing and suffering of millions of people as refugee and displaced.

One of the major problems the region is facing now-a-days is misunderstanding among different so-called extreme religious groups which has been spoiling peace and harmony. Nuclear proliferations in South Asia and intense competition between India and Pakistan are other major impediments towards the establishment of peace in south Asia.

‘In addition, South Asia is a conflict prone region inflated with enormous bilateral disputes and interstate conflicts. Among these, territorial conflicts which comes first includes India-Pakistan deadlock on issues of Siachen Glacier, Kargil and Sir Creek and Kashmir dispute which has resulted in two major wars. The ensued hostility is still going on between the countries.

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