Peace is a term that has been defined from both negative and positive perspectives. The positive definition is “a state of harmony” and the negative one is “a state existing during the absence of war.”  Broadly defined “peace is the least application of violence and coercion to the individual and to the freedom of access of the individual to cherished values.”  On the other hand, James H. Laue defines “peace not only as a cherished goal sought by all individuals and states but also “a process of continuous and constructive management of differences toward the goal of more mutually satisfying relations, the prevention of escalation of violence and the achievement of those conditions that exemplify the universal well-being of human beings and their groups from the family to the culture and the state.”

Critically examined of these definitions above understand that both negative and positive concepts of peace are very much interlinked to each other. Whenever negative concept of peace means “the absence of war” whereas eradication of poverty, elimination of hunger and establishment of social justice are the valuable sides of positive peace.

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