Youth just like a river. “Around the world the terms “youth”, “adolescent”, “teenager”, and “young person” are interchanged, often meaning the same thing, occasionally differentiated. Youth generally refers to a time of life that is neither childhood nor adulthood, but rather, somewhere in-between. Youth also identifies a particular mindset of attitude, as in “He is very youthful”. The term youth is also related to being young. “This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” – Robert Kennedy Youth is an alternative word to the scientifically-oriented adolescent and the common American terms of teen and teenager.

Another common title for youth is young person or young people.”

The age bracket of youth defined by Department of Youth Development was 15 – 35 years. However, the new National Youth Policy defines youth as persons in the age group of 18 – 35 years. This definition leaves out almost entirely the very important segment of adolescents (10 – 19 years), which has been classified as a separate segment of young people as defined in a joint definition by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA. “The time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult.”  “The fresh or vigorous condition or appearance of body, mind, or spirit characteristics of the period between childhood and maturity.”

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