Objectives of the Study

The main focus of this paper is to concentrate on the role of youth in peace building process in South Asia. This paper will aim to find an answer to this question by focusing on the current challenges of poverty, unemployment, terrorism, extremism, drug and trafficking in South Asian countries and the opportunities that exist towards achieving peace and happiness in this volatile part of the globe. Moreover the study focuses on the following general objectives:

• Promoting environmental ethics amongst youth
• Exploring social and regional integration towards sustainable development
• Establishing network with active participation of youth from all South Asian countries
• Assist to draw attention of youths both from inside and outside South Asia through communicating to each other and sharing their experiences and gathering data relevant to South Asian courtiers.

Significance of the Study

Youth is the spring time of human life. So this is the proper time to take initiative for playing serious role in order to create peaceful environment for the whole world especially for their own regions. Keeping this important stage of human life in mind, the author selected this topic to give emphasis on South Asian young generation who are going to take the next leadership of their own countries. So, they are so important to South Asian Nations. If they are kept on noble purpose, they will definitely play an important role for good purpose like peace building. Inspiring youth for peace building is the significance of this present study.


This study is basically based on the review of information collected from the secondary sources i.e. published books, reports, research works, journals and newspapers. Some information is also collected through internet browsing and for the fulfillment of the nature of this research; it is also emphasized on case study method.

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