5. Conscious that a new approach to security is necessary in order to take into account non-military threats to peace and security, in particular extreme poverty, environmental degradation and the aggravation of social inequalities and in order to identify the ways and means for their eradication .
6. Aware of our responsibility towards future generations and their right to live in peace and in a healthy environment.
7. Stressing the need for the reinforcement of the long standing cooperation between the nations of South Asia and UNESCO in the fields of education, science, culture, and communication, in particular with a view to enhancing the contribution of the stakeholders in these fields to peace, development and democracy in the region,

8. Assist youth in furthering their understanding of the current and future world of work and the role they could play
9. Assist youth to consider learning and employment plans for their future by providing employment and/or educational programming opportunities to help investigate future possibilities
10. Encourage youth to realize that learning and self improvement are lifelong processes
11. Allow youth to find meaningful employment in their own communities which will provide them with a rewarding work experience and also allow the youth to make a contribution to the community in which they live.

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