Mutual Exchange of Views

The internationally recognized but regionally focused ‘exchange of view’ program brings together practitioners and policy makers from the development and peace building sectors across South Asia to share experiences, reflect on their practice and develop new approaches for working in and on conflict in their countries. By means of this strategy, youth can generate and share knowledge across countries, disciplinary and implementation contexts in South Asia. They can also obtain innovative branches of knowledge and get hold of experience through sharing, questioning, exploring and debating so that their working knowledge of diverse and practical approaches to current challenges become well-built. In addition, this strategy will assist to draw attention of youths from both South Asia and outside through communicating to each other and sharing their experiences and gathering data relevant to South Asian courtiers.


For ensuring and creating cherished peace and prosperity in South Asia, the following suggestions and recommendations can be adopted:

1. Acknowledging the importance for the peoples of South Asia of the new perspectives opened by the culture of peace which UNESCO has been promoting throughout the world “in order to build the defenses of peace in the minds of men.
2. Convinced that the spirit of intellectual and moral solidarity, equality and partnership as promoted by UNESCO and SAARC is a key factor for ensuring lasting peace, sustainable social and economic development, and dialogue among peoples and cultures,
3. Considering furthermore that without peace there can be no development and that without development there can be no lasting peace,
4. Underlining the fact that the construction of peace, sustainable economic and social development and respect for the democratic principles of justice, freedom, mutual tolerance and solidarity go hand in hand.

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