Youth, sports and Leisure Time Activities

Sports, leisure activities, such as leisure sports, cultural leisure activities and traditional forms of leisure, socio-educational leisure activities, and even paid entertainment allow individuals to manage their free time without constraints . Even in hostile situations among the South Asian countries, youth get the opportunity to play their vital role by these activities to develop friendship relations among the contending member states of this region. In the two case studies mentioned above such initiative examples are already shown for the better understanding to the role of individual young

Human Settlement and Environment

A settlement is a general term used in archaeology, geography, landscape history and other subjects for a permanent or temporary community in which people live, without being specific as to size, population or importance. Youth has basic responsibility for analyzing environmental and human settlement issues in the context of growth and sustainable development in South Asia. In South Asia, numerous youth based organization is keeping significant roles for capacity building in sustainable development in order to ensure peace and security.

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