Culture of Peace

Culture of peace means creating and maintaining a peaceful environment. Hence, to build a true culture of peace youth need to develop justice, respect of human rights, to fight against poverty. As youth, it is their challenge to be determined to increase their influence and their out spoken conclusion to their governments concerning the dialogue to build a culture of peace. Therefore, the following concrete proposals to support youth for peace.

• To develop and support the education of a culture of peace in programs school levels.
• Sustainable economic and social development
• Respect for all human rights
• Equality between women and men
• Democratic participation
• Understanding, tolerance and solidarity
• Free flow of information and knowledge

Social and Regional Integration

Social Integration is the movement of the minority groups such as ethnic minorities, refugees and underprivileged sections of a society into the mainstream of societies. Members of the minority groups thus gain full access to the opportunities, rights and services available to the members of the mainstream. ‘Social integration can be understood as promoting harmonious interaction and solidarity at all levels of society. When this dimension of the concept is given priority, it becomes the opposite of a process of disintegration.’ Youth should take carefully the following issues whenever they deserve to contribute to social integration:

• Globalization and Insecurity
• Marginality, Solidarity and Identity
• Democracy, Representation and Accountability
• Economic Insecurity and Social Welfare
• The Crisis of Legitimacy and Accountability
• The Dynamics of Ethnic and Religious Conflict
• The Problems of Internal and International Migration
• The Expansion of Illicit and Illegal Activities, and the Increase in Violence
• Reform of the International System

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