The final outcome was that they all love India, we all began to look at Pakistan from a positive view and vice versa, at both ends people found each other cool and dynamic, everyone in the meet from both the countries wish to work towards developing positive mindset and break the myth of “hatred” between the two countries. It’s not that I m going GAGA about them, but at least I am happy to get a platform where I could meet people who came all the way here to meet us and spread the message of peace. I am glad to make some new friends, start respecting Pakistan in many ways and not think about the 60s and move ahead happily and peacefully.

Strategies for Peace Building in South Asia

The plight of the world today is tormented by the contradictions of interests of states and in such environment peace must be the fundamental aim of the world community for prospects of both survival and betterment of life.24 In this respect approaches for peace building taking by youth initiatives can ensure peace and solidarity among the member states of this region. So consolidated peace of South Asia is impossible keeping them outside from integrating of South Asian countries. However, the following programs provide guidance to young people in several key areas.

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