Case Study-2

Indo-Pak Youth Peace Forum (IPYPF) for Building Peaceful Relations between India and Pakistan

I was a part of Indo-Pak Youth Peace Forum meet today here in Ahmedabad. When I registered for the program I was slightly apprehensive. But after attending it and meeting all the friends from Pakistan, all my tensions and so called pre-conceived negative notions have been totally unlearned. This meet was organized with the help of a local NGO called Drishti (which makes documentaries on human rights). There were around 19-20 friends from Pakistan consisting of some college students, a lecturer, senior people, NGO employees, and entrepreneurs. I was given the privilege of welcoming them. We had a discussion about “Impression” of Pakistan in the minds of Indian people and vice-versa.

So many things like Women rights in Pakistan, Political issues, Kashmir issue, Role of media etc. were discussed. Well Pakistan is no different from us. Girls have as much liberty as much one would have in our country. Compulsorily moving in a Burkha or not talking to boys is history. We were informed very excitedly by them that they have around 15-20 Indian Satellite channels aired in Pakistan which gives them a great picture about our lifestyle, culture. food, etc. (I wonder why we have only PTV and QTV here, they told me PTV is a Government channel which they also don’t see and QTV is a religious channel).

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