Fig1Joint Video Coding And

Figure 1 : Original image

Fig2Joint Video Coding And
Figure 2 : Haar Wavelet Transformation applied in background image
Fig3Joint Video Coding And
Figure 3 : Background image
Fig4Joint Video Coding And
Figure 4 : Reconstructed output Image

Frames Weight
Framel 0
Frame2 0.00128775
Frame3 0.00213180
Frame4 0.00360086
Frame5 0.00260805
Frame6 0.00164921
Frame7 0.00147754
Frame8 0.00198599
Frame9 0.00132513
FramelO 0.00158728

Weight computation on each frame


This paper investigates the potential coding gain that can spring out from jointly designing the processes of video compression and analysis. To embed analysis and compressive sensing in two ways. First, give up reconstructing the whole frames, as what it is really needed in the analysis is the foreground only; second, To feed the information produced in the tracking stage back to the decoding module, where it is used as prior information to direct the reconstruction process.

In the future aim is at further expanding this knowledge for other video and image analysis tasks, focussing in particular on increasing the coding efficiency with respect to traditional disjoint approaches. As for the specific case of the tracking applications considered in this paper, and also currently working on refining the prior information used for the weighted CS reconstruction, and on including more sophisticated background subtraction techniques.

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