Foreground pixel locations which are likely to contain the foreground objects are associated with low weights. Precisely, the Ah weight w(i) is computed as
Joint Video Coding And-5
In this paper, is to test the video sequences, have 10 sequence of frames. The first sequence is at CIF resolution while the second one has been obtained with a Raytheon L-3 Thermal-Eye 2000AS camera, which is capable of capturing images in the far-infrared spectrum; the resolution in this second case is 320 X 240 pixels. Since the analysis task under consideration is ultimately concerned with tracking the locations of foreground objects, as a first step work with video sequences decimated by a factor of 8, so that each 8 X 8 block is mapped to a single pixel. This allows to reduce the required number of measurements to be acquired and, at the same time, to work with measurement matrices of reasonable dimensions to be implemented in standard computer platforms. In order to circumvent the memory constraints that arise when working with full-resolution sequences. In all experiments, set the GOP size to four pictures. It fixes a quantization step A = 3.5 to attain an average quantization signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the measurements

Joint Video Coding And-6
approximately equal to 40 dB, where and denote, respectively, the random projections of the original and the reconstructed sequence. It start presenting the results relative to disjoint compressive video coding and analysis, showing that a large bit-rate is required in order to achieve a distortion level suitable to enable further processing.

For each value of d compute the PSNR of the reconstructed foreground, defined as
Joint Video Coding And-7
where the actual foreground images have been obtained by applying the background subtraction method to the original sequence.

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