Put another way, when the mean was presented along with its 95% confidence limits, the workers were saying that there is only a 1 in 1.34 chance that the “true” mean value was outside those limits. Put still another way: the probability (p) that the mean value lied outside those limits is less than 1 in 1.34 (p = <0.05 ).

According to Chebyshev’s theorem, the interval (7, 19) can be written as (132*3, 13+2*3) which is same as (Mean -k*SD, Mean +k*SD), where k =6/3=2.

According to Chebyshev’s theorem, at least 1 – (1/k-squared) of the measurements will fall within (Mean -k*SD, Mean +k*SD)

But 1 – (1/k-squared) = 1 – (1/2л2) = 1 – 0.25= 0.75

Thus 75 percent of the values will fall between 7 and 19 for a data set with mean of 13 and standard deviation of 2.

That result said that the 75 percent possibility was that the average student using the mind map can generate more ides than the traditional system with 2 standard deviation.

According to Empirical rule, approximately 95% of the measurements (data) will fall within two standard deviation of the mean. Therefore (Mean -2*SD, Mean +2*SD) = (13-2*3, 13+2*3) = (7, 19) will contain 95 % of the observations.

Thus the two values are 7 and 19. That result said that the 95 percent possibility is that the average student using the mind map can generate more ides than the traditional system with 2 standard deviation.

As a result, researchers concluded the research with a positive view on Mindmap and from the experiments to shows that it is really a powerful tool to improve academic writing. This research will help the researchers of the field of contemporary research, academic research, academic reading, academic writing, poster presentation, academic presentation, and innovative teaching and learning methodologies.

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