Effect of Disengagement

Over recent years there has been seen a significant shift in the employee-employer relationship.

With increasingly competitive markets, globalisation, a volatile economic climate, demands for constant change and the war for talent, organisations face significant challenges in their pursuit for business success. The psychological contract is now different to what it once was; for many, there is no longer a job for life, and indeed redundancy is a very real possibility. There is also evidence that expectations of employers and employees differ from those of the past.

In increasingly turbulent times engagement may therefore be the ‘deal-breaker’ for organisations seeking sustainable success.

Some employees now seek short-term careers in different organisations with the expectation that they will commit for the short-term and move on from jobs that are not satisfying, or simply use experience gained in one role as a stepping stone to another job (Bates, 2004). On the other hand, organisations want people to put in extra effort and generate innovative ideas to improve services and save money (Skapinker, 2005).

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