A review of studies that have examined job engagement demonstrates that being engaged in one’s job may lead to positive outcomes for individuals as well as organizations. As demonstrated in a recent study of hotel and restaurant service quality by Salanova, Agut and Peiro (2005), the employee’s level of job engagement, measured by the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (Schaufeli, Salanova, Gonzales-Roma, & Bakker, 2002), predicted the overall service climate of the organization, which in turn predicted employee performance and customer loyalty.

Additional support for the positive relationship between engagement and organizational and personal outcomes has been shown in a meta-analysis by Harter, Schmidt, and Hayes (2002). In this study, which encompassed 7,939 business units in 36 companies, employee engagement, measured by the Gallup Workplace Audit (GWA), demonstrated true score correlations with employee turnover of -.30, customer satisfaction .33, and profitability .17. Finally, Colbert et al. (2004), using a modified version of the GWA scale, showed that employee engagement was negatively related to workplace deviance, measured as the withholding of effort (r = -.22).

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