Gallup (2005) compared what happens when managers primarily focus on employees’ strengths, on their weaknesses or just plain ignored employees. It was found that if a manager totally ignored employees, 40 percent of them will be actively disengaged in their jobs. If a manager focuses on employees’ weaknesses, 20 percent will be disengaged. Only 1 percent of workers will be disengaged if the boss focuses on employees’ strengths. This finding hints at the fact that positive mentoring which maximizes skills and knowledge will be immensely effective in creating an engaged workforce. (Weaver, 2011).

Independent Samples t-test was used to test the hypothesis under consideration to know whether the mean employee engagement scores of employees who are or are not a part of mentoring relationship are significantly different from each other. SPSS 15 was used for the analysis.

Results from the independent samples t-test for the sample surveyed found that there is a significant difference in the employee engagement scores depending on the presence or absence of mentoring relationship. The t score of – 4.300 was found to be significant at .01 level of significance. Thus, indicating that presence or absence of mentoring relationship does have a significant effect on employee engagement score.

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