Various models of employee engagement proposed by researchers and consulting houses have identified the drivers or the factors which if focused on by the organization, will help in engaging employees. Robinson et al (2004) has identified training and development, promotion, performance appraisals, equal opportunities, immediate management, pay and benefits, cooperation, family friendliness and job satisfaction; Penna (2007) has identified pay and benefits, learning and development, opportunity for promotions, leadership, trust and respect and meaning derived from the work done, these are considered to be essential in engaging employees. Leadership development, career advancement have been identified as the top two drivers for employees in 18-24 age group, the so-called Generation Y employees. (Towers Perring, 2008).

It has also been reported that employees feel most engaged on days when they make headway or receive support to overcome obstacles in their jobs. Small successes mean a lot to employees. In consideration to the above discussion, there seems to be some degree of similarity between the benefits that are derived from mentoring and the factors that have a positive impact on employee engagement. The research paper aims at empirically investigating this phenomenon.

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