Level of Internet Usage among Trainee Teachers

Overall, findings demonstrated that the level of Internet usage among the trainee teachers of third semester from the institution was at a high level. The finding was congruent with interview results where during the session, majority of participants agreed that they frequently used the Internet in their own teaching and learning activities. The following described their statements in response to the research question:

“I always use the computer to access Internet in searching for information. Furthermore, it has always been my main reference”. (Suhaili, 22nd July 2009)

“Yes (using Internet), since it is easy for me to get information and plus, there are many to be find”. (Nuar, 23rd July 2009)

“Yes (using Internet)… because information which I have collected from Internet can be stored into the computer”. (Fitri, 23rd July 2009)

Information Seeking Through Internet

It was found that the trainee teachers used different methods to search for information through Internet. Examples of methods used were through Internet Explorer, Google, Yahoo and other web pages. Some participants remarked:

“To search for information, I always access the Internet through Google because it is faster”. (Suhaili, 22nd July 2009)

“Yes, I agree with Suhaili, because it is also easy for me to search for information. Besides, there is a lot of information I can find”. (Nuar, 22nd July 2009)

“By using email, I can get more learning materials easier and faster. Besides, I can exchange information with other friends from this institution”. (Mira, 24th July 2009)

Barriers in Internet Usage

Majority of research participants responded consistently to questions asking them on barriers they faced during accessing Internet at the teacher training institution. One of issues arisen was slow Internet connection. According to one respondent, “This institution can be referred as fails in providing good Internet access since there is always no Internet coverage.. besides getting slow Internet connection for no particular reason ”. One participant highlighted another issue regarding the Internet usage with the comment: “I really am interested to widen my knowledge and skills in using ICT, but there are lacks of facilities here..”. Curriculum barrier was another aspect of concern, as expressed by another participant: “.. the effectiveness of learning process depends highly on the ICT usage. This includes the appropriate amount of contact hours in interacting with the computer. If this does not help me to enhance my skills in ICT, people will see me as someone who is left behind”.

In summary, this research had identified four possible barriers to a successful integration of Internet usage in teachers’ training institutes. The factors of Internet barriers were summarized in Table 2:

Table 2 : Barriers in Internet Usage among Trainee Teachers

# Internet Barriers Factors
1 Incompatible with learning syllabus –    improper planning in using ICT for curriculum–    ICT usages not dynamic for learning
2 Negative attitude towards integrating Internet in learning method –    fixated mindset on traditional classroom method–    low computer literacy
3 Lacks of skills in using Internet – lacks of ICT training and teacher development program
4 Technology gap in institutions –    Lacks of Internet facilities in institutions–    Slow Internet connection–    Financial constraint to provide more and better tools

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