From the analysis of the results, it has been found that, regardless of the various methods the trainee teachers applied in seeking for information through the Internet, their level of computer usage was high. In addition, the participants gave positive responses towards Internet usage. The primary sites of Internet access for research participants were Google, Yahoo and Hotmail, which were mostly through Internet Explorer. However, concerns were raised regarding the issue of lacks of exploration to new web sites, slow Internet connection, and lacks of facilities and Internet infrastructure.

Observation on General Internet Resourcing Skills

It had been identified through observation that the trainee teachers were most likely to use Internet for exploring four websites, which are,, and The average time spent per visit on each website was around 30 to 40 minutes. In general, all trainee teachers followed the standard method in accessing information through Internet. However, they were most likely to visit only websites that they were familiar with. In other words, the trainee teachers did not spend much time to explore any other new websites. Even though the institution provided many Internet stations, only four stations could be used by the trainee teachers. Hence, the observation was only conducted on the four stations. During a two-week observation period, Internet accessibility at the institution was noted to be quite good, except for one day where the network faced down line issue. Another interesting aspect emerged from the observation was that the trainee teachers spent a lot of time to use other Internet service, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), which was believed to be one of the “hogging-the-line” factorsTrainee Teachers’ Experiences with Internet Overall, all six trainee teachers gave positive responses in the interview form toward the research title. Table 1 summarized the participants’ perception on using Internet for their information seeking activities:

Table 1 : Trainee Teachers’ Perception on Using Internet.

Points Participant Responses
Using Internet is fun Suhaili know : “Accessing Internet is fun since every information in the country and we get to across the
world”Yati : “ It (using Internet) is also fun. It teaches us to get information quickly”
Fitri :“There is a lot of advantages and it (using Internet) is also fun for me and my friends”Fakry : “It (using Internet) is fun for me. It is also easy to learn”
Internet helps Nuar : “ Seeking information through Internet helps me increasing skills and to increase my knowledge. I feel that after I learn to use knowledge it (Internet), I get to use computer optimally and I can apply it in every subject I need to learn”
Internet gives a lot of information Mira: “ Internet is very advantageous in terms of any facet of knowledge we need to find”Yati : “ It (Internet) tells us a lot about any information.. the world without boundaries.. in every field of knowledge we want to find”Fitri : “Internet helps us to get information throughout the world just by the tips of our fingers.”
Internet helps connecting people Fakry : “ I always seek for information through Internet. Besides, I have my own email account and I stay connected with my friends, within or outside the country, to exchange information”

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