Data Analysis

Firstly, initial research was conducted to three trainee teachers with same sample criteria as the research participants. This was to verify the validation of items for observation and pre-structured interview questions. The items in each instrument were validated by another lecturer who had experiences in teaching computer subject. Responses from the trainee teachers which had been analyzed were triangulated for validation process.

Then, data analysis was begun by collecting raw data from all research instruments to be analyzed. Through observation, categories were identified and data were re-coded according to the categories. Then, the interview data was transcribed to see participants’ perception on their method of using Internet for information seeking in learning activities. As patterns in participants’ responses began to emerge, categories that seemed to describe the research questions were identified and refined. Specifically, verbal protocol analysis was performed on the interview results. Observation field notes contributed to enrich the qualitative data of this research. Content analysis was performed on all responses collected from participants from each of the research instruments. Other irrelevant and amiss values were excluded from the analysis. The data were triangulated to verify the validity and reliability. Then, they were analyzed by using Microsoft Excel 2000 to count the frequency and determine the ranks of web sites visited by the participants in the process of using Internet for resourcing activities.

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