Respondent A, Suhaili. A happy-go-lucky trainee teacher who spoke fluently. She spoke eloquently, in a way where sometimes she used reassuring statements, as an example “As I mentioned before,…”. She also looked more matured than her actual age.

Respondent B, Nuar. A trainee teacher who looked serious. Whenever a question was asked to him, he would frown as if he was trying to get the most precise answer. He was someone who would emphasize on accuracy of information and think twice before saying anything. In our observation, he always stay put with his own stand. For example, when researcher asked him, “Are you skillful in using computer? Do you always access the Internet to search for information?”, he just nodded.

Respondent C, Mira. A trainee teacher with a simple appearance and interesting character. When she could not explain a question in the interview session, she would just say “No”, but did not give the explanation immediately.

Respondent D, Yati. A gentle trainee teacher with soft voice, most of the time needed to be reminded to speak more loudly. Questions had to be reworded and repeated to gain inputs from her.

Respondent E, Fitri. A trainee teacher with small physical appearance and low voice tone. Always smiled and nodded whenever questions were asked to him. Sometimes, he looked as if he did not confident with his own answers, yet he was very enthusiastic in the session.

Respondent F, Fakry. A trainee teacher who looked tidy, smart and enthusiastic. He looked relax and confident whenever he answered any question. He also looked committed and more focused.

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