The progressive growth in technology has fundamentally changed the pedagogy of current education system. With such rapid speed of educational technology, there is no exception for the utilization of Internet as one of technological delivery medium for teaching and learning process. Nowadays, Internet technologies serve as platforms where individuals can access information from various field of knowledge. With the use of Internet, today’s educators have boundless alternatives to apply Internet as a way to integrate technology in classroom. For instance, the Internet brings forth new opportunities to create various learning environments such as instant messaging, file sharing, social networking and blogging (Attwell, 2007). In any way, Internet can intensely be used in the classroom either as a teaching tool or a delivery medium (Luan et al., 2005).

It has been deemed increasingly important for teachers, especially those entering teaching profession to be prepared to thrive in the ever-changing technological society. As far as the development of educational technology is concerned, teacher training is one of the areas where information and communication technology (ICT) should be used intensively. The rapid pace of innovation in educational technology, along with the global fascination with the Internet, continues to challenge today’s trainee teachers to develop both competence and confidence in integrating technology into learning materials. In Malaysia, the government has made substantial investments in ICT infrastructure in schools across the nation (Rahman, 2004). In this regard, the development of Malaysian future teachers needs to align with the enhancement of education system to ensure that they are able to adapt with technology-integrated teaching environment. Yet, there continues to remain a consensus among some educational practitioners that trainee teachers in Malaysia might not be well-prepared to serve in such learning environment. The issues raised include inability of student teachers to think critically due to insufficient instructions (Tasir et al., 2008), lacking of confidence among teacher education students to integrate ICT in classroom (Bakar and Mohamed, 2008), infrequent use of computers among trainee teachers and lack of supports from administrators (Fook et al., 2011).

While a number of these critics do not rule out the acknowledgement of Internet as an effective tool for seeking information, opinions do differ as to how ‘effective use of Internet’ should be achieved in teacher education (Barton and Haydn, 2006; Ryan and Davies, 2010). To address this issue, it is helpful for researchers to identify how well the trainee teachers are coping with the requirement to use Internet as their resourcing tool. Thus, research is needed to ascertain the acceptance level of trainee teachers where the Internet is concerned. To what extent have the trainee teachers been utilizing Internet as a tool in seeking information? What are their perceptions on their level of Internet usage? What are the challenges faced by trainee teachers during their Internet resourcing activities? This paper sought to investigate these issues and hence to provide a glimpse of future needs of Internet as an effective research tool for teacher education.

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