Roles of educational institution

Concrete claims cannot be made about the impact of Internet facilities provided by educational institution on trainee teachers’ competency in using ICT. However, it is suggested from the findings that most trainee teachers were unsatisfied with the poor service of Internet facilities provided by the institution. One participant made the point clear by saying: “This institution can be referred as fails in providing good Internet access since there is always no Internet coverage… ”. Other than that, the observation also had shown that although many Internet facilities were provided, only some can be fully utilized. Financial implication is found to be one of the main criteria needs to be emphasized by the institution in providing quality technology-integrated learning for the students. Else, institution lacks of effort to maintain and improve Internet facilities provided may have introduced a technology gap between students and learning process. Similar studies by Luan et al. (2005) and Ihmeideh (2011) also had found that insufficient Internet facilities in the institution may have caused trainee teachers to spend time less on the Internet.

It was also noted that one of the barriers faced by the trainee teachers was the incompatibility between ICT and curriculum outlined. Findings from this study showed that the institution still needs some improvements on ensuring intensive and extensive ICT usage in learning and teaching process since in some cases, ICT usage just ‘happened to be there’ in the curriculum. Relating to this issue, one participant highlighted the issue of ICT contact hours which was not appropriate and less effective in helping students to enhance their ICT skills. Similar issue was highlighted by Ihmeideh (2011) who reported that trainee teachers did not receive sufficient supports from the cooperative teachers to use ICT in their practices. Furthermore, a study by Bakar and Mohamed (2008) found that even though trainee teachers have the necessary ICT skills, they may not skillful to integrate ICT in teaching because there is no model for them. One possible explanation is that the teacher educators themselves do not use ICT in teaching (Bakar & Mohamed, 2008). As has been recommended by Dexter and Riedel (2003), educational institutions can help new teachers to be ready to use technology in education by developing coursework which requires them to demonstrate their technology integration abilities.

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