Trainee teachers’ Attitude towards using Internet

From the observation, the researchers found that the trainee teachers managed to apply various methods comprising search engines and email services to search for information through the Internet. Despite the research participants’ claims that they always use Internet to seek for information, majority of the trainee teachers showed a passive attitude towards exploring other new web sites which they never familiar with. This point was noted during the observation session where the trainee teachers appeared to be only exploring websites which they already familiar with. Consistent to the literature review by Lau et al. (2010), it was also suggested that trainee teachers should explore more alternative search engines to look for more information.

This finding leads to a point which shows that the trainee teachers in this study were less dynamic in utilizing Internet as information tool for their learning purpose. Additionally, there were some cursory evidences that the trainee teachers spent a lot of time on other unrelated Internet applications, especially IRC. The unrelated Internet activities may contribute to the lacks of skills in using ICT for learning. This point was also argued by Matthews and Schrum (2003) who implied that students who spend time more on recreational Internet activities may know very little about exploring the Internet as an educational tool. Overall, these results clearly supports the view by Baylor and Ritchie (2002) which suggested that personal attitudes towards using Internet may influence the level of Internet resourcing skills among trainee teachers.

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