The purpose of this study is to gain an insight on how was Internet being utilized by the trainee teachers in the teacher training institution as a way to seek for information in assisting their learning process. This study involved a small group of six participants and therefore, conclusions on Internet resourcing skills among the trainee teachers cannot with any confidence be generalized. However, findings from this study does point to some initial, tentative, implications for the use of Internet in supporting learning materials for teacher education:

Perception on Internet

The participants uniformly reported how Internet usage is beneficial for their information seeking activities. Overall, they reported that using Internet is fun, helps increasing their knowledge and skills, gives a lot of information and helps connecting them with other people. The study revealed that trainee teachers who had positive perception toward Internet usage also used Internet frequently for their information seeking activities. As one participant mentioned, “I always access the Internet because I feel that Internet is very advantageous in terms of any facet of knowledge I need to find”. This finding is similar to with Luan et al. (2005) who found that pre-service teachers used Internet frequently for educational purposes since they perceived Internet as a useful tool which improve their productivity as students in higher institution.

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