Looking forward, this study serves as an initial step in understanding trainee teachers’ perception on their level of Internet usage in information seeking activities. Although the study provides meaningful implications on using Internet to support learning in teacher training institute, the need to further explore on the effectiveness of ICT integration is yet to be explored. In addition, quantitative data on trainee teachers’ academic performance might also be used as an evaluation tool to test the effectiveness of using ICT as a strategy in their pre-service training programs. Given both the trainee teachers’ perception on Internet and barriers they faced in using Internet, future research is needed that directly explores the effectiveness of various methods they apply in information seeking activities through the Internet. Additionally, this study also describes the high level of Internet usage among the trainee teachers. Therefore, research is needed that accounts for what occurs during the sessions where they explore the Internet and how the situations potentially influence their high level of Internet usage even though their Internet access was limited in the institution.

Findings from this study also have added to literature by which comparing computer usage and Internet usage. This study indicated that computer usage influenced participants’ perception on their Internet resourcing activities. Hence, computer ownership could possibly be a factor which influences the level of Internet usage among the trainee teachers.

In conclusion, the research indicated positive acceptances of Internet usage as a tool to search for information among the trainee teachers in Malaysia. Yet, the research underscores the significant roles for training institutions to enhance the quality of Internet applications and infrastructure being provided to the trainee teachers. Improving the quality of Internet access is required to make the benefits of ICT training being provided to the trainee teachers. In line with the evolving technology in education, it is hoped that trainee teachers will be adequately trained and ready to serve the nation by effectively incorporating ICT into their teaching materials.

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