2.2 Web data mining categories

In general, in accordance with the research object of Web mining, it can be divided into three categories which are Web content mining, Web structure mining and Web usage mining. As shown in Figure 1.Fig1Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 1 : Web mining categories

(1) Web content mining is the technology method the specific information users needed from Web information used to mine the Web content information. The latest research shows that two methods are mainly adopted and they are Information retrieve and database methods, in this paper a Web content information mining database model will be established

(2) The target of Web structure mining tends to the link structure of Web documents which reveals the personalized information contained in the document structure, and the type of data the Web structure mining processed is the structured data of Web. The structured data is the data to describe the organization fashion of the Web page content, and the structure in pages can be expressed to be a tree structure by using HTML, in addition the structure between pages can be expressed by using the hyperlink structure connected different pages.

(3) Web usage mining also known as Web log mining, its main objective is to find interesting model from the Web visit record. And for the research in this area there are two main directions: general access patterns track and personalized use record track.

2.3 Agent technology and multi-agent system

Agent refers to the entities which run in dynamic environment and have higher self-government capacity. Agent software is a type of computer program which simulates human intelligence behavior and provides the corresponding services. Agent has characteristics of autonomy, reaction, initiative and sociality.

Multi-agent system is a multi-agent federation which is composed by a number of Agents and has certain organization structure, as an effective method of solving complex systems, it uses parallel distributed processing technology and modular design to divide the complex system into relatively independent Agent subsystems and complete the solution of complex problems through the cooperation between the Agents. The activities of the various Agent members are independent and autonomous, and their own goals and behavior are not limited by other Agent members, they can coordinate and solve the contradictions and conflicts of the goals and behavior among the Agent members through the means of competition or consultations.

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