4.1 Information mining mode idea

Through the above analysis, two models for building are designed, the first is the mode of obtaining information through keywords (mode 1), the second is the mode of obtaining information through consecutive addresses(mode 2). The basic idea is: the first step, from the Web pages of particular Website analyzing and extracting some necessary parameters which are title or distinction sign of text beginning and ending, link address (including whether there is continuity, the base address corresponding to the relative address), and so on. The second step, according to these parameters obtaining the web page and extracting the required contents from it, this part of work is automatically completed by the designed system, and then the purposes of rapid and effective establishment of personalized information database will be achieved.

4.2 System structure

The model is designed aiming at the lack of the traditional search engine and its purpose is to design the information service intelligence system combining the above mode and idea on the basis of existing search engine. The system structure is shown in figure 4.
Fig4Design Of An Information_decrypted
4.3 Subsystem functions

User interface Agent (interface Agent) is the interface of the users and computer for man-machine conversation and it can receive the user enquiries request, initiatively help users refine query request and display query results, in this process it synchronously learns and records users interest and habit. It also responsible for exporting the final results output to the corresponding users and displaying the content of local user database.

(1) Problem analysis Agent. It analyzes user source and user preferences and submits the results to user local database, and synchronously it also explains the user needs according to the information of user local database.

2) Processing Agent. It receives problem analysis Agent and searches for the needing query results in the Internet according to the Boolean strings provided by the problem analysis Agent, and finally it will return the query result to information mining Agent.

(3) Information mining Agent. It converts the basic information the processing Agent obtained into the directly understandable information through user interaction and intelligent processing (special mining algorithm), and then submits the information to the knowledge resources database.

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