The modules are designed both at the customer side and at the administrator side.

The administrator has the privilege to enter into the system by providing the username and password. The administrator can perform the data acquisition process, where he/she can enter the new url and the brief description of the url.. The added data will be present in the general data warehouse. In case of data preprocessing , the administrator separates the data automatically into the corresponding warehouses. The administrator can also view the content of different warehouses. (figure 5)

The client can view the system as a search engine. For example, if the client want to view about the web sites related to sports, then he/she have to enter the keyword ‘sports’ in the corresponding field and then click on the submit button. The search engine retrieves the information faster, because of the segregation of data into different warehouses.


As a new theme of data mining and data warehouse, Web-based is emerging research area. In this paper, the Web data mining process is introduced from the view of function, an intelligent mining system of network information is built with data mining technology and the functions of the various subsystems of it are also introduced.

For the Web-based data warehouse and data mining technology, the development of the Internet not only presents challenge but also provides a broad application prospects. And with the continuous development of the computer, network and communications technology, the research of Web-based data mining will be further in-depth, and it also will play an increasingly important role in Web site design, personalized e-commerce services, etc.

Fig5Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 5 : Administrator modules


Fig6Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 6 : Login page

Fig7Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 7 : Data addition

Fig8Design Of An Information_decrypted

Figure 8.

Fig9Design Of An Information_decryptedFig10Design Of An Information_decrypted

Figure 9 : Content of General data warehouse

Fig11Design Of An Information_decryptedFig12Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 10 : Sports data warehouse

Fig13Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 11 : Client entering the keyword

Fig14Design Of An Information_decrypted
Figure 12 : Search results

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