Now is the time to analyze what we have gained from the study.

We have gained an insight into Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility of VAL.

However, CSR is presently coming out of the purview of ‘doing social good’ and fast becoming a ‘business necessity’. This is a positive sign as Corporates have begun realizing that anything benefiting workers – their community, health and environment is also good for business.It would be very helpful if the Centre explored possibilities of facilitating CSR by companies, by making policies CSR friendly. Let there be humble beginning. The time has come that Corporates have awake take these works voluntarily. The times have changed and demands are being made to make these as responsibilities. But the Managements without waiting for the statute to be formed, they have to rise to occasion.

The humble beginning of Social Responsibility can be made in a very simple way. Though the same has been discussed in details above, briefly it can be made in the following ways:
1. Use of water resources
2. Use of creation of waste
3. Use of energy
4. Employee welfare
5. Community development

Today is the right time. Before I close, let me put beautiful example I have come across in a book. There are so many tourists who visit Himalayas. On one of the Occasion, a child with her family was one of the team.

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