1. BPO VAL CSR: Building the people, proactively engaging them & giving an opportunity to grow
2. CSR Group: CSR and its subsidiaries from time to time
3. CSP: Corporate social performance
4. LC: Local communities
5. KBK: Kalahandi, Bolangir and Koraput
6. CDI: composite development index
7. LSE: London Stock Exchange
8. VAL: Vedanta Aluminum Ltd

9. (MHU): Mobile Health Unit
10. SHG: Small Help group
11. AISD: Asian Institute for Sustainable Development
12. SSA: Shashya Shilpa Abhiyan
13. CA Project: Chetna Anganwadi Project
14. (KPIs): key performance indicators
15. (CDI): composite development index

“On action alone be thy interest, never on its fruits.

Let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor be thy attachment to inaction. ” hagavad-Gita, Ch:

Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility have had a deep-rooted connection in India. A phenomenon that has preceded the coining of the term ‘CSR’, the link between the ‘karma’ as espoused by sacred Indian texts and initiatives anchoring Corporates as responsible citizens has been amply evident in India since the early days.

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