VAL has provided rehabilitation and resettlement package for 119 project displaced families of the Kutia Kandha & Dongria Kandha tribes of Lanjigarh, Kalahandi. VAL has built a rehabilitation colony called Niyamgiri Vedanta Nagar.

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Table showing the impact on society through different CSR VAL Projects in education & health & sanitation

Building the people:

Built the people to encourage fellow community members for education and other development initiatives

VAL successfully engaging them as a Role model at Dongria Kondh Community:
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Dongria Kondh Community wants development and mining from Niyamgiri will bring a lot socio-economic development opportunity for the tribals,” says Jitu Jakasika, one of the few English Speaking youths in the Kondh Community. However, few days before, He was well known for his hardcore and stiff opposition for Vedanta and its mining project. He had visited almost all Dongria Kondh villages to organize people to oppose the mining plan. Continuous feeding of misleading facts and systematic brainwash made him to believe that industrialization and development would dilute the originality and culture of Dongria Kondh tribe. He left his education mid-way to join activists and vehemently opposed industrialization and associated development in the locality.

He explored more on industry and development. He visited other industrial sites in the locality and mainly the ongoing bauxite mining sites. He saw for himself that neither Bauxite mining is ecologically hostile, nor it dries the spring and underground water. He also realized that ‘industrialization and development do not dilute tribal culture or lifestyle’.

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