FINDINGS(part 4)

Paraphilic or Sexually Deviant/Problematic Behavior

The impact of sexually deviant or sexual acting-out behavior on relationships is significant. Physical abusers tend to engage in significant degrees of problematic sexual behavior that impacts their relationship with their romantic partners. I defined paraphilic sexual behavior per DSM-IV definitions and included attendance at strip shows and use of pornographic material because of the impact these behaviors have on relationships (see my text book for more information, Physical Abusers and Sexual Offenders: Forensic and Clinical Strategies, 2007). Thirty-three percent of the subjects denied ever engaging in paraphilic behavior; 67% admitted they engaged in paraphilic behavior, of which 6% indicated they had raped their victim, 83% had attended strip clubs on at least one occasion, though most indicated that they attended strip clubs on 3 or more occasions. Most were moderately defensive about their sexually deviant behavior and most were either unaware of how their behavior impacted their victim or were callous about the impact. Many stated that their victim and/or their partners had complained about their sexual behavior (including attendance at strip shows and use of pornography) though they did not appear concerned about the impact.

Twenty-nine percent of the subjects denied ever viewing or using pornographic material while 71% admitted that they did. Of those admitting the use of pornographic material, 22% stated the use of pornographic material was problematic and negatively impacted their relationship with their significant other. Problematic use was defined as: the physical abuser’s partner complaining about the use of pornographic material; the abuser spending a significant amount of time viewing or using pornographic material; or the abuser’s subjective report that their pornography use was problematic in any way. When the physical abuser’s victim was interviewed, 13% stated that they had complained about the abuser’s use of pornographic material. Twenty-two percent of the victims were not questioned about the abuser’s use of pornographic material for reasons including the victims being children or the victims not being involved with the abuser romantically.

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